Honest & Reliable Excavation Services

Wagner Company harnesses advanced GPS-controlled equipment, skilled operators, and unwavering dedication to quality for efficient, high-precision excavation services that include, but are not limited to;

Demolition & Removal


Site Clean-Up

Site Preparation



Footing and Foundation Excavation

Driveway and Road Construction

Underground Utilities



Unearth Your Project's Potential!

Discover the Wagner Difference

Cutting-edge Tech

Forget traditional methods!

Wagner Company excavates with cutting-edge GPS technology built into our machines. Think of it like a built-in map and guide, allowing us to dig with laser-like accuracy, down to the millimeter.

This means:

We achieve exact specifications, minimizing waste and rework.

Projects finish faster, saving you time and money.

Advanced controls keep everyone safe by minimizing operator error.

This approach ensures every dig is superior, efficient, and worry-free for you.

Recent Excavation Achievement

Lake Traverse Water Quality Improvements Project (TCD 52) 2020-2023